Dr. Szatmári Csaba Law Firm

Dr. Szatmári Csaba Law Firm is primarily specialized in business and commercial law at the disposal of both individuals and corporations.

My personal experience served as motivation in creating my firm’s profile. During my university studies at home and abroad, followed by my Ph.D and postgraduate education in company law I gained significant experience in business law and commercial law. I also teach in this domain at the Corvinus University of Budapest and at the Eötvös Loránd University (Faculty of Law).

Working at the Ministry of Justice I was also occupied in civil law, as I contributed to the creation of the New Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary. My business law experiences were further extended by the legislation of the Act IV of 2006 on Business Associations.

My main activities in practise include property, commercial and company law since the foundation of my Firm.

I also deal with contracts and corporations on an international basis. I can assist in the foundation of businesses in other EU states by cooperating with partner lawyers. I got acquainted with European Union Law in Belgium, at the Ministry of Justice and as a teacher of European business law in a private school. The Strohal Legal Group is my main international partner. Within the framework of our partnership, we can support market entries and investments to the Middle and Far East, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

In Your Hungarian business affairs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

dr. Csaba SZATMÁRI